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Adopt A Breed - Hatfield Park Farm - Hatfield Park Farm

Season Ticket

We have the perfect ticket for loyal farm visitors!

This year visitors will be able to buy a season ticket for Hatfield Park Farm. The season ticket will give you unlimited visits to the farm – perfect for the school holidays.

From March 20th 2018, when the farm opens for the season, we will be offering the following 4 season tickets:

– 1 ADULT AND 1 CHILD  for just £40

– 1 ADULT AND UP TO 2 CHILDREN for just £65

– 2 ADULTS AND UP TO 1 CHILD for just £70

– 2 ADULTS AND UP TO 2 CHILDREN for just £80

The detail…

1. Hatfield Park Farm & Bloody Hollow Season Ticket is valid from the date of purchase until Sunday 4th November 2018 when the farm closes for the season.

2. Official Photo Identity will be required to gain access with the Season Ticket. The name on the Season Ticket must match the name on the Photo ID.

3. Hatfield Park Farm reserves the right to close the Farm and Bloody Hollow without prior notice.

4. Season Tickets are non-transferrable and any ticket being used fraudulently will be withdrawn.

5. The miniature train is only open at weekends and during school holidays and miniature train rides are not included with the Season Ticket.

6. Tractor rides and repeat visits to Bloody Hollow are included.

7. Entrance to specific farm events will not be free of charge to Season Ticket Holders.




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